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Transportation Management Coordinator

The Northwest Regional Development Commission is seeking a Transportation Management Coordinator.


Primary duties include implementing work program for the Regional Transportation Coordinating Council which strives to improve the mobility of the transportation disadvantaged.

Bachelor's degree in transportation or community development planning, human services, public administration, or related field with experience preferred.


Salary range is $45,817 to $58,874 plus a benefit package.


Transportation Management Coordination Center Development

The transportation management coordination will create an office environment for the development of the one call center one-call or one-click services enable customers to make one phone call or search one website to receive information about all transportation services available in the community. When the one-call/ one-click services become more advanced, customers will be able to schedule, receive confirmation of, and pay for rides.

Volunteer Driver Program Committee (VDPC)

The RTCCAB will work with local agencies, governmental officials and other volunteers to create a Volunteer Driver Program Committee (VDPC) which will focus on development of a volunteer driver guide/handbook that will help to ensure safe, efficient, and enjoyable transportation services for the volunteer, the public rider, and the transit provider.

Share Resources Between Transit Providers

The mobility manager will first locate agencies willing to share vehicles or maintenance facilities.

The mobility manager will work with providers to discuss ways that buses, drivers, and service garages can be utilized by multiple agencies. 

The sharing of buses will be coordinated between the vehicle owner and the potential agency wanting to use a vehicle.

The mobility manager will work with each entity along with insurance providers and possibly legislative staff or staff from MnDOT to draft insurance requirements that meet the needs of both agencies that are sharing a vehicle.


Increase Connectivity to Serve More Destinations

The mobility manager will work with more than one transit provider to coordinate ride share.

The mobility manager will evaluate the most cost - effective transit alternative to provide as much seamless transportation as possible.

The mobility manager will work within the constraints of financial reasoning to deliver the best rides possible to the consumer.

The mobility manager will coordinate service operations with providers outside of the NWRTCC 7-county service area.

Build a reputation with other providers that focuses on reliability and trust to deliver services agreed apon.

Work with providers to discuss operating procedures and methods that best serves the client as well as the provider.

The mobility manager will establish a working relationship with private pay providers to help fill the gaps in service areas.

The mobility manager will work to increase the number of volunteer drivers within each county.  These volunteers are a vital piece to increasing connectivity to more destinations.

Increase number of Volunteer Drivers

The mobility manager for the Region 1 RTCC will have a task to recruit new volunteer drivers to help meet the need and fill a very much needed gap in transit services in the NW RTCC Region.  Educating the potential cliental that may have an interest in volunteer driving will need to be explored and executed.  Educating the congressional representatives will also be a key issue to address funding, training, mileage reimbursement rates, rider assistance, drug testing, and insurance requirements


Send cover letter and resume to:

Northwest Regional Development Commission

Attn: Troy Schroeder

109 S. Minnesota Street

Warren MN 56762


Application deadline: October 28, 2019

For more information, please contact Troy Schroeder at 218-745-6733 or

NWRDC is an EOE Employer.

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