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Northwest District Areawide Transportation Partnership (ATP) Members

Darren Laesch                   MnDOT 

Eric Hove                            Red Lake County Engineer - County Engineers Representative

Craig Gray                          City of Bemidji - City Greater than 5,000 Representative

Stephanie Halford             Grand Forks/East Grand Forks -  MPO Representative

Brian Ketring                      MNDOT State Aid Engineer

Warren Strandell*             Polk County Commissioner - NWRDC Representative

Roger Falk                          Roseau County Commissioner - NWRDC Representative

Jed Nordin                          Hubbard County Engineer - HRDC Representative

Al Pemberton                     Red Lake Nation 

Dan Sauve                          Clearwater County Engineer - HRDC Representative

* Chairperson

Staff Members

Donna Snobl Pence          MnDOT

Troy Schroeder                  NWRDC

Tony Klaers                        HRDC

Jon Mason                         MnDOT

Terri Kouba                        MPO 

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