Commission Members Annual Meeting



Meeting 2018

The Northwest Regional Development Commission (NWRDC) is a body of 23 local elected officials and eight public interest members that represent counties, cities, townships, school districts and special interest groups who have formed a special purpose unit of government, as authorized by the Regional Development Act of 1969, to “develop plans and implement programs which address growth and development issues” in Northwest Minnesota.

Click here to download the Commission Nomination Form. 

The Commission appoints a board of directors made up of one member from each county and a chairperson elected at-large to conduct its monthly business.

The Commission also appoints advisory committees to help in setting specific program direction. Committees are active in Aging, Arts, Economic Development and Transportation.

The Commission has also entered into a cooperative agreement with the Northwest Minnesota Enterprise Fund Inc. to provide program guidance on the Revolving Loan Fund.

Commission Membership

* Board Member    ** Chairperson

Kittson County

Kimberley Johnson*      Kennedy                       Townships

David Treumer                Hallock                         Municipalities

Loren Younggren            Hallock                         Counties

Marshall County

Gary Kiesow**               Goodridge                     Counties

Loren Lusignan              Grygla                           Townships

Gail Yutrzenka                 Argyle                           School Boards

Richard Mosher              Grygla                           Municipalities

Norman County

Lucas Spaeth*               Halstad                         School Boards

Nathan Redland             Halstad                         Counties

Sharon Josephson         Fertile                           Townships

Crystal Stene                  Ada                               Municipalities


Pennington County

Bruce Lawrence*            Thief River Falls          Counties
Dave Erickson                 Thief River Falls          Townships

Judy Jones                       Goodridge                    Municipalities

Elvera Cullen                   Thief River Falls          At Large

Dante Steele                    Thief River Falls         Minorities  

Polk County

Warren Strandell*           East Grand Forks       Counties

Keith Sistad                      Fosston                        Townships

Toby Strom                       McIntosh                     Municipalities

Gerald Amiot                    Crookston                    Labor

Gerald Jacobson              Fertile                          Seniors
Kathleen Twite                 East Grand Forks       Business

Norma Campos               East Grand Forks       Minorities

Red Lake County

Ronald Weiss*                 Red Lake Falls            Watershed District

John Dudycha                  Plummer                      Counties

Kevin Reich                      Red Lake Falls            Townships

Jim DuChamp                  Plummer                      Municipalities

Roseau County

Daryl Wicklund*              Badger                         County

Debra Wiskow                 Greenbush                   Townships

Joe Bouvette Headshot
 Dr. Joe Bouvette 
In Memory of
Dr. Joe Bouvette

The NWRDC lost a great friend in June when our Board Chair, Dr. Joe Bouvette, passed away during an accident near his cabin in Walker, MN.


Joe played an active role for more than 47 years on the Commission, going back to its first meeting on May 15, 1973 through June of 2020.


He became Chairman of the NWRDC Board in June of 1986, coming on during an extremely difficult period of staff transition and successfully leading NWRDC through two different physical moves between communities. He presided as NWRDC Board Chair for 34 years while also serving on Personnel and Budget Committees of the Commission.


His leadership was pivotal in growing the NWRDC from 14 to 35 personnel over the past seven years, overseeing regular operations while supporting the increase of Aging program capacity and reach to 21 counties, 14 counties in Emergency Operations/ Homeland Security Program,  and providing oversight of a budget of more than five million dollars.


Joe was intensely proud of the NWRDC and staunchly supportive its staff and programs. He did not suffer fools; he was not afraid to ask tough questions and could dissect difficult arguments down to the details in quick fashion.


He was protective of his county and his region when he saw unfairness or injustice and his intention was always to listen, and be firm but fair in his dealings with everyone.


Joe was always interested to know the goings-on throughout the region and state. He built relationships with all kinds of people from the public and private arenas, and was always a proponent of the NWRDC and public service.


His leadership and friendship will be sorely missed. 


Cam Fanfulik

Executive Director